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Baby puppy proofing

electrician puppy proofNothing is more stressful than bring your new baby, or even your new puppy, home and realizing just how many sharp corners and exposed outlets you have in your house! But don’t panic, here you’ll find several tips on how to much sure your home is safe for little ones, furry or not, to roam free without worry.

  • Cover any exposed electrical outlets. This one’s a bit of a no brainer as it seems like it’s almost imbedded in us from countless tv shows and infomercials that show the dangers of sticking things in sockets they don’t belong in. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning. Try to keep any plugged in items tucked behind something heavy enough that a small child or dog can’t easily budge. Also make sure to get plastic plug covers to put in any open outlets, keeping any curious fingers or snouts from exploring too close.
  • Keep any and all harmful chemicals in a locked cabinet or, preferably, a high hard-to-reach spot in an upper cabinet. A locked cabinet will easily keep out a baby or toddler from getting in but a curious puppy who is teething may attempt to chew on cabinet doors and could expose harmful chemicals lying inside the cabinet. The same idea follows things such as house plants and knowledge of their toxicity to humans and animals. Keep this kind of items out of arms/paws reach.
  • Turn a spare room into a play room or training room. If it’s a little overwhelming to baby/puppy-proof your entire home and you have the space to spare, this is probably the best idea. It consolidates everything into the one area, making it easier to maintain and keep track of. This also doesn’t need to be an actual “room," if space is an issue; a play pen for a baby keeps them in one spot as does a crate for a puppy. Crates also prove beneficial when having to leave home for short periods of time, though I don’t suggest leaving the baby in the play pen in the same manner.
  • Baby gates for every room! A baby gate is like an instant see through the wall and is a must for any parent or dog-parent. These gates keep babies and puppies alike from entering rooms they are not allowed in. It’s recommended to keep baby gates at the beginning and foot of staircases, eliminating the risk of a tumble down the stairs.
  • Keep the toilet seat down! Really! An open toilet seat could cause a potential drowning hazard to a small child or dog (to mention no one likes to see their dog, or child, drink from the toilet). Any small body of water causes a threat, whether it’s a toilet, some water left in the tub, a running faucet, they all could be a potential danger if not noticed.

While it can be overwhelming making sure your home is ready for a new arrival, it can all be accomplished with diligence and a common knowledge of baby/puppy safety.

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