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Fusion Power

nuclear fusion worksSources for power have always been a topic of significant discussion. The search for an elite power source has long since eluded scientists, physicists, and researchers. A popular pipe dream among them is the invention of fusion power. Fusion power means limitless power with virtually no adverse reactions, such as emitting greenhouse gases or radioactive waste. Is this sort of miracle of science foreseeable in our lifetime? Or is this something that requires many more years of research?

What exactly is fusion power?

The science correspondent for PBS, Miles O’ Brien, describes it like this; “Fusion is as old as the cosmos. It is the nuclear reaction that takes place in our sun and all the other stars in the universe. In a fusion reaction, hydrogen atoms collide at high speed, fusing together, forming a helium atom, releasing one neutron. Since the mass of the helium atom is less than the combined mass of the two atoms that collided in the first place, energy is released.” Man-made fusion was first introduced to the world in 1952, with the explosion of the hydrogen bomb. Because of the success with the bomb, a much more downsized version was desired in the form of a viable energy source.

Research into fusion power boomed in the remainder of the 50’s and into the 60’s. Research has advanced since then but still has not yet been perfected. The physics behind controlling a power plant size amount of fusion energy still eludes scientists. To say fusion energy will become a reality in the next 30 years would be a bit of a stretch, but not an impossibility. It is continuously being researched and tested to bring a never-ending supply of power with no waste emission to better the planet that we live on.

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