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Future of Solar Energy in California

by Nicole Stevens

california solar powerCalifornia has become a front-runner in the use of solar energy. It seems almost too good to be true, a reliable energy source that never runs out, and is free? That’s exactly what solar energy is, and California is taking it into the future as a source of efficient and reliable energy.

Did you know that already this year, California has produced SO MUCH solar energy it had to  pay some states to take the excess energy off their hands? Now you may be wondering, why get rid of all this energy if it’s so resourceful? Well, so much solar power was generated that it could have easily overload California’s own power lines. So rather than have wasted energy, and to prove how great solar energy actually is, it was shared amongst other cities and even paid to try.

Solar energy is a solid source for future energy sources, though achieving a widespread usage of solar power is an issue due to power companies holding the majority of the market in a monopoly.  These companies are still relying on fossil fuels to power their customers and can see solar energy as a huge threat. This comes from a limited supply of fossil fuels vs. the previously mentioned endlessly free supply of solar energy.

In California, there is no main corporation in charge of the energy policy. Unfortunately, this means Californians pay a much higher price for their power and electricity than the rest of the U.S. states. Though, now solar panels have reached an affordable medium and cost virtually the same as purchasing from a power company. This couldn’t come at a better time, seeing as written in California Legislation; one half of the state must be using a renewable source of energy by 2030. As of now, one-fourth of the state falls under that category and with the affordability of solar panels, it could easily skyrocket way before the projected date of 2030.

If that sort of pattern continues, it could make way for widespread solar energy throughout all of California. The future of solar energy in California looks mighty bright, and only getting brighter!


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