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It’s all about being warm and cozy!

Do you ever feel like your heater isn’t getting the job done? Are there times when it seems like the heat isn’t going where you want it to? If you can answer yes to either one of those questions, then it’s time to give Switched Electric a call.

At Switched Electric, we can make any room in your home warmer by adding baseboard heaters. Baseboard heaters are great alternatives when it’s not practical to extend the existing heating system to supply heat to a new addition or the existing heat is not adequate.

Electric baseboard heaters are controlled by a thermostat that is located in every room that a baseboard heater is in. The size of the board depends on the size of the room. Once our licensed electrical experts have reviewed your home we can determine what size you will need to make your home warm and cozy again.

How do they work?

Baseboard heaters contain electric heating elements encased in metal pipes that go from one end of the enclosure to the other. As air within the heater is warmed, it rises into the room, and cooler air is drawn into the bottom of the heater.

If possible, baseboard heaters should be installed under windows. As heat rises from the heater, it will neutralize the cold air that comes from the windows. Baseboard heaters should always be installed on the main outside walls because this is where the greatest heat loss occurs.

There are many rules that should be followed when installing a baseboard heater, that’s why you should always call a licensed professional from Switched Electric to do the work. Our goal is to keep you and your family safe and there is nothing more dangerous than electricity.

Switched Electric offers a variety of baseboard heaters to fit any budget. Call us today and the days of being too cold will be history and that is a guarantee.

Call the electrical experts at Switched Electric at (831) 402-4193, or you can also use our online request form.

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Switched Electric is the greatest. Seth is skilled, professional, and friendly. He shows up when he says he will and he finishes when promised. His quoted prices are reasonable, and he makes useful suggestions to enhance the job and to save you money. I've worked with lots of contractors, and he's the best.

Linda G.
San Francisco, CA

Professional and great customer skills. Seth was on time, his quote was accurate and reviewed several possibilities.

Pauline T.
Mountain View, CA

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