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Whether you need an old fan replaced, a new one to replace an existing one or a new fan installed in a new location, we are here to help you. We can help you make your home more comfortable, enhanced the look of your home and better yet save money.

Ceiling Fans Installation and Repairs

Have you wondered what is so special about a ceiling fan that makes them so wonderful? Ceiling Fans can save you money on your electric bill while keeping your home warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. Most people don’t know that the electricity used to run a ceiling fan can be compared to a light bulb. However, the difference is that you will save between 20 to 45 percent on your cooling costs and up to 10 percent on your heating costs per year. Imagine what that will equal over the next 10 years.

How does it work?

During the winter heat rises and will start to collect around the ceiling then your ceiling fan will circulate the warm air pushing it back down. During the summer your ceiling fans create a cool breeze of fresh air preventing your home from becoming too damp or stagnant.

Can I have a ceiling fan installed in my home?

Of course you can! It doesn’t matter if your home was built in 1980 or even older, our licensed electricians will be able to install your choice of ceiling fan, or we can even provide a selection of ceiling fans for you.  We can also install ceiling fans in your work sheds, sunrooms and lanais.

Can I do it myself?

When it comes to installing ceiling fans we are sure that there is a good number of you who are capable of doing it yourself. But ceiling fan installation requires an expert level of understanding when it comes to electric wiring and mounting heavy fixtures. Some ceiling fans can weigh more than 40 pounds. Did you know that all ceiling fans must be secured properly and have a UL listed box? For people who have never installed a ceiling fan it can be more than challenging as the instructions can tend to be somewhat confusing. It could end up taking you hours to install where a licensed electrician from Switched Electric can do it in no time flat. All it requires is that you sit back and relax while enjoying the things you like to do most. There would be nothing worse for you to have to spend hours of your time trying to install the ceiling fan just to get frustrated and call a licensed electrical contractor.

These are just a couple of reasons why you should hire a licensed electrical contractor like Switched Electric.

Ceiling Fan Repair

Switched Electric can also repair ceiling fans that stopped working, shake, hum or vibrate. If your ceiling fan makes a buzzing sound, moves really slow or wobbles, then call us immediately. This maybe a potentially dangerous situation.

So don’t delay.

If you're in the Monterey Area, and need a new ceiling fan or a current ceiling fan repaired, give Switched Electric a call today at (831) 402-4193, or you can also use our online request form.

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Professional and great customer skills. Seth was on time, his quote was accurate and reviewed several possibilities.

Pauline T.
Mountain View, CA

Overall I was very pleased with Switched Electric's work. I originally had them out for the security light, and then based upon that job brought them out for future jobs. Each job was completed as scheduled and with high quality workmanship. Work site was also completely cleaned when done. And time has passed since job completion—and all is working well.

David M.
San Jose, CA

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