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Child-Proof Electrical Receptacles

At Switched Electric, our mission is to keep you and your family safe. Electricity while luxurious can also be extremely dangerous. It can cause a number of things including electrocution, electrical shock, electrical burn and even fires. As dangerous as it sounds though it doesn’t have to be. If installed correctly and up to code the many dangerous of electricity can be almost completely eliminated.

Are your outlets childproof?

Since 2008 all homes across the country are now having child proof receptacles installed. If your home was built before 2008 you are putting your children and grandchildren at risk. Standard receptacles are dangerous for children because they can stick metal objects in them and get hurt.

What about those plastic thingies?

I am sure that you have seen or heard of that great little plastic invention used to stop unwanted objects from entering electrical outlets. Don’t get me wrong like I said they are great, but having to install them can be somewhat of a pain. Anytime you are wanting to use an outlet you have to remove the plastic insert to be able to plug in the desired appliance. Then when you are done you have to remember to put the plastic insert back in. Between soccer games, volleyball tryouts, cooking and cleaning who can remember everything right? That is why it is so easily overlooked. Unfortunately many parents overtime have forgotten to replace the little plastic insert causing children to become hurt or even killed. For many unknown reasons, children always seem to find that one thing they shouldn’t have and then try to insert it into the electrical outlet causing unwanted injuries. Did you know that in the US alone an average of seven children per day are treated from electrical shock or electrical burn caused by tampering with outlets?

Child Proof Outlets – Prevent Shocks, burns & Injuries

Luckily for all you parents out there someone invented the childproof outlet, also known or referred to as a tamper proof or tamper resistant receptacle. These outlets were designed with your precious little children in mind. They have a specially designed piece of plastic built into the receptacle, kind of like a locked door. So when your children or your grandchildren try to insert a small object into the slots, they will not be able to. Each slot or door must be pushed at the exact same time using the exact same pressure or it will not open. So if it isn’t intended to go in, then it doesn’t.

By national code, all homes today must have tamper resistant receptacles installed. If you have standard receptacles in your home and have small children or grandchildren that visit, then please call Switched Electric so we can help keep your family safe!

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Seth, the owner, was great. Easy to work with, timely and exacting, knowledgeable. Great product for great price!

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Overall I was very pleased with Switched Electric's work. I originally had them out for the security light, and then based upon that job brought them out for future jobs. Each job was completed as scheduled and with high quality workmanship. Work site was also completely cleaned when done. And time has passed since job completion—and all is working well.

David M.
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