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Computer Circuits

Have you ever been near a computer and saw a huge mess of tangled up cords wrapped around each other? These wires may even consist of cords running to your telephone, fax machine and printer. It is never good to have cords like this because it can affect the performance of all your devices. It may even now be to a point where you can’t even tell what goes to what.

The three cords I just mentioned plus all the other ones intertwined within those cords are all important when it comes to your computer. If you are like the average person, you most likely have at least one surge protection strip. With all these devices plugged into the strips and outlets, you will eventually end up overloading the circuit. In most cases, the circuit that feeds the outlet you are using for your computer, probably also includes many other receptacles in that room, where other devices such as cell phone charges and lamps are all sharing power from that same circuit. Have you ever noticed that your lights might dim when you plug something in?

With so many devices plugged into one outlet, there is a good chance that your circuit could be overloading. With all that said you should always have one or two outlets dedicated to your computer and your hardware.

It’s very important because overloaded circuits can cause electrocution, fire, destroy your computer or even cause property damage. Switched Electric, can install the right circuit for your needs and clean up all the cords behind your desk, so they are organized and safe.

Low Voltage Wiring – Computer Networking

Switched Electric can also install new low voltage wiring in your home or business.  So whether you need a new phone or cable line installed or you are just having issues with your current one, you have come to the right place.

Call Switched Electric today at (831) 402-4193, and one of our licensed electricians can take care of all of your electrical and networking needs. You can also use our online request form.

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