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Does your panel not work right or stink?

Whether your insurance adjuster just told you that they won’t write you an insurance policy, your electrical panel is old, or if you just need a larger electrical panel, Switched Electric has the skills needed to get the job done right, the first time. Some signs that you may need an electrical panel upgrade is flickering lights and breakers that trip constantly or there might be a funny smell coming from the panel.

Electrical Panels

Many homeowners do not pay attention to the electrical panel, and most don’t understand how it works and that is OK. That’s why you hire electrical contractors! Simply put, your electrical panel is an electrical supply system which divides power into subsidiary circuits from which all the power can be distributed throughout your home. So imagine now what would happen if your electrical panel suddenly quit working? This happens more times than not. So don’t wait for your electrical panel to go into retirement, take care of your electrical panel before you lose electricity.

Is your home older than 20 years?

If your home is older than 20 years old, then we advise you to contact the licensed electricians at Switched Electric as soon as possible, and this is why. Older homes may not have a panel with circuit breakers; they may have lost their UL approval due to proof of fires, or you may have an outdated fuse box.

Some years ago, a couple of manufacturers went out of business due to their inferior products. UL found out that the products they were making and distributing into homes throughout the United States where unsafe. Unfortunately, thousands of homes contain these unsafe panels and breakers.

Circuit breakers were designed with only you and your family’s safety in mind. In the event of a problem, your breaker is designed to shut off quickly (a fraction of a second). This keeps you and your family safe from house fires, electrocution and electrical shock. With the unapproved breakers, the story is a little different. When tested by UL, some of these breakers would not trip (turn off) under a test load for at least one minute, and some did not even trip (turn off) at all. Simply put, old panels are not safe like today panels. Unfortunately, we have seen a number of these problems numerous times in the homes and business in our very city. If your home is in need of a panel upgrade, then call Switched Electrical today. We will send one of our licensed electricians to your home or business to give you a complete evaluation.

There are many problems that can arise from electrical panels for many different reasons. Here is a short list of a few:

  • Loose connections
  • Burnt connections.
  • Double tapped circuits.
  • Old outdated fuses.
  • Not UL approved.

Two reasons why having a new panel installed will benefit you.

When having a new panel or load-center installed into your home, it will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your home’s electrical system while avoiding electrical hazards. Other benefits of having a new panel installed include keeping you and your family safe as well as increasing the value of your home.

If you have any questions or concerns about your electrical panel or general electrical questions, then please call your hometown electrician at Switched Electric today at (831) 402-4193, or you can also use our online request form.

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Overall I was very pleased with Switched Electric's work. I originally had them out for the security light, and then based upon that job brought them out for future jobs. Each job was completed as scheduled and with high quality workmanship. Work site was also completely cleaned when done. And time has passed since job completion—and all is working well.

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