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FPE (Federal Pacific Electric) Panels and Breakers

Federal Pacific had lost its UL rating due to faulty breakers that did not trip during excessive loads. So it is safe to say that these panels need to be replaced. Some of you may have even been living in the house for the last 30 years and never had a problem so why worry now?

What started the concern about these panels and breakers occurred in 1980 when FPE reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission that their residential Stab-lok breakers did not fully comply with UL requirements. The CSPC investigated the report and focused on these breakers. The commission did find the breakers did not "fully comply" with certain calibration tests which measure a breaker's ability to trip off during excessive loads.

How can you tell if your FPE panel box and breakers are a concern? If you have not had a problem with your equipment in the past, you are probably okay. If you want to be sure your panel is safe, then you need to call the licensed electrical experts at Switched Electric. We will remove the breakers from the panel box and check the contacts with the buss bar. If your breakers show signs of overheating or arcing, then it is in your family's best interest to replace your old panel with a new one.

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